Journey to Software Development

Success is found on the roads less traveled

Scope, Hoisting & this

I realize that I need to slow down a bit and really try to understand JavaScript. I would read through the lessons and think that I understood the concepts but really I did not. I will be discussing scope, hoisting and this.

My Rails App with jQuery

In this project, I had to expand my rails app by adding dynamic features through jQuery and JSON API. As a recap, I created a rails app where each user has a calendar. The user can create event notifications, notify others and place the notification on their calendars. You can view the code for this project here and visit my deployed app.

Rails Project

For my Rails project, I created an app where each user has a calendar. A user can create event notifications such as dinners, appointments, meet ups, etc. The notification consists of an event title, note, date, start time, end time and location. A user has the ability to notify others and place the notification on their calendars. Only the creator can edit and delete the notification that will be updated to everyone the user notified. The person who has been notified is able to only remove the event from their own calendar.

Active Record Associations

I am up to the rails project and one of the requirements in the rails project is that our models must include, a belongs_to, a has_many and a has_many :through. I feel that it would be helpful for me to go over the associations.

Sinatra Portfolio Project

For my Sinatra project, I decided to create an app where the user can collect ideas, favorites and interests and put it onto boards. I started by writing a list of what I would need to create this app: