Journey to Software Development

Success is found on the roads less traveled

Linked List

A linked list is a linked list of nodes. The head is the first node in the list and the tail is the last one. The data contained in the node can be a string, a number, an array or an object. In a singly-linked list, the nodes each have one pointer to the next node.

JavaScript Promise and Async/Await


Brief Overview of Caching in Ruby on Rails

Caching is the process of storing data so that future requests for that data can be served faster. This can improve the speed of your website and improve the user experience. There are various types of caching in Ruby on Rails such as:

Testing with RSpec

Testing is one of the things that I will be working on while building new apps to further my skills as a developer. I have read in many blogs that it is perceived writing tests takes too much time. However, it is helpful in verifying our codes function as intended. We also gain time by not having to manually check our codes.

React Redux Project

My project was built using a Rails API back-end and React Redux front-end. It allows user to add a post, which includes a title, image, and content. The user can also leave a comment and like a post.