Journey to Software Development

Success is found on the roads less traveled

Selection Sort

In selection sort, we are going to iterate through the elements in the array starting at i = 0. We are going to assume that the element at i has the lowest value and set i to the variable indexOfMin. We are going create an inner for loop to iterate from i + 1 to the end of the array to see if there is an element with a lower value. If there is, we would update the value of indexOfMin. After we get to the last element in the inner loop, we see if the index of the current element and indexOfMin is the same. If they are not, we swap them.

Implement a Queue with Two Stacks

I will be going over an interview question on how to implement a queue using two stacks. For example, if we push “a”, “b”, “c” to a stack, and we want to implement a queue, we call the dequeue method three times to have the elements come out in the order of “a”, “b”, “c”.

Spiral Matrix

Given an integer N, return a N x N spiral matrix.

Brief SQL Refresher

I wanted to do a brief overview on SQL since I have not utilized it in a while.

Binary Search Tree

A Binary Search tree is a tree data structure. There is a root node. The node can have at most two children. Each left child has a value that is less than the parent’s value and each right child has a value greater to the parent’s value. I will be going over a few methods such as add(data), findMinNode(), findMaxNode() and search(value).